Is the Bible true? Is all of it true, or just some of it? Is the Bible actually the word of God, or of man? Is the Bible something we should pay attention to? Is it even worthy of our submission and obedience? Whether or not the Bible is true is at the heart of every question of biblical belief. In this episode, Kevin makes the case for the truth and perfection of the Bible—though maybe not in the way you might expect.


00:00 | Intro
01:41 | What we mean by “Bible”
03:36 | Credibility from external evidence
05:47 | The Bible’s internal testimony
10:28 | Affirming the Torah as God’s word
13:11 | Affirming the Hebrew Scriptures
17:40 | Affirming the Greek Scriptures
18:57 | Problems with the internal evidence
21:32 | The only way to be sure it’s true
25:25 | Conclusion


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