As a Jewish Messiah-follower, Kevin explores his two main reasons why he calls the Master “Yeshua,” rather than “Jesus.” This episode traces the Messiah’s name through Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English (visually illustrated in the video version), then explains the importance of preserving its meaning—and the impact it can have—both for believers in general, and specifically on Messianic Jewish identity.


00:00 | Intro
01:54 | Linguistics of the Bible
03:19 | Tracing the Hebrew, Greek and Latin
06:07 | Comparison of Joshua and Yeshua
08:47 | Full etymology of Jesus
11:24 | Biblical names often have meanings
14:08 | Meaning of the name Yeshua
18:17 | “Yeshua” & Messianic Jewish identity
20:12 | Conclusion


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