Why do I exist? Where do I belong? What is the meaning of life? We usually ask such existential, philosophical questions in an effort to grasp our identity, purpose and self-worth. But the answer isn’t something we need to go in search of, because it’s already been found… in the Scriptures! In this episode, Kevin reveals what the Bible says is the meaning of life and explains what that entails for those who follow Messiah.


00:00 | Intro
01:00 | The Bible’s answer to life’s meaning
05:12 | Finding purpose in serving God
06:39 | What living for God looks like
08:25 | Loving God by keeping His commands
11:56 | Putting God above all else
14:53 | Denying yourself to live for God
16:23 | Society’s false search for meaning
19:49 | Conclusion

WATCH ON YOUTUBEhttps://bcpodca.st/y/ep4

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