It might come as a surprise, but most Jewish people actually know very little about the Bible. Today’s Jewish people have grown increasingly secular and humanistic, with no standard frame of reference where it comes to spiritual or religious topics. But despite the vast differences in beliefs among Jews, one thing you can almost always count on is that Jewish people are highly unlikely to know is the truth about the most important Jew who ever lived: Yeshua. In this episode, Kevin discusses five biblical facts that most every Jewish doesn’t know—but needs to—in order to learn the truth about the true, Jewish Messiah.

Could God be pruning the Body of Messiah? Would the Father ever separate believers from the vine of Yeshua? If so, why? Is the shrinking Body of Messiah evidence that God is at work? In this episode, Kevin digs into Yeshua’s words about pruning and bearing fruit, and then offers an encouragement to today’s struggling and shrinking Body of believers.

God hates divorce, and the Bible has nothing even close to good to say about it. So why is no-fault divorce rampant in the Body of Messiah today? Why do believers allow their marriages to be torn apart by it? In this episode, Kevin lays out and explains what the Scriptures actually say about divorce and remarriage, then offers some biblically-based advice for believers who have been divorced, have been involved in remarriage, or are right now contemplating either one.

Many Messianic believers, rather than call the Messiah “Jesus,” call Him by His Hebrew name “Yeshua.” But some Messianics instead call Him something different, such as “Yahshua” or “Yahushua,” incorporating the Sacred Name of God, יהוה. Why do they pronounce it like this, and can we know definitively which way is correct? In this episode, Kevin digs into the Hebrew to show us the correct pronunciation of the Messiah’s name. Which is it? “Yeshua” or “YAHSHUA”?

The pronunciation of the Sacred Name of God—the Tetragrammaton, “Yahweh”—has been obscured in the Hebrew text of the Bible. Yet some say that not only can the Name be restored, it must be, because pronouncing it is necessary for salvation. In this episode, Kevin discusses this view of the Sacred Name and analyzes the Hebrew to determine if the correct pronunciation of יהוה has truly been lost.

The Bible often plainly communicates how God expects us to think and act. But what if the Scriptures don’t speak directly to a specific thing we’re dealing with, or if they appear to be silent about a particular topic altogether? In this episode, Kevin demonstrates how to discern and apply biblical patterns and unwritten principles that God has implicitly encoded into the living word of Scripture.

If you thought biblical belief in the Body of Messiah today was slowly declining, you’d be mistaken—it’s nearly extinct, and it’s happening fast. In this episode, Kevin looks at recent research that exposes the almost non-existent biblical worldview in America, and then offers a way forward for the faithful few who remain.

The “church” of God—Yeshua’s “Called-Forth”—was never meant to be based on form or structure, but on us: the people. In the Scriptures, we’ve been given a biblical pattern that reveals how we are supposed to work and function together as the Body of Messiah, and it looks nothing like “church” (or “Messianic synagogue”) as usual. In this episode, Kevin wraps up his 7-part series about biblical “church” with a candid word of exhortation, and a vivid sketch of what our gatherings and communities could look like… if we actually followed the Scriptures.

Communion is one of the main sacramental rites of Christianity, holding a deeply personal, spiritual significance for millions of believers worldwide for generations. But is the ordinance of communion (or the eucharist) actually in the Bible? Did Jesus really institute a communion ceremony during His last supper? In this episode, Kevin challenges the traditions of Christianity’s communion, then explains what the biblical “Lord’s supper” actually is, according to the Scriptures.

Ask most believers about the purpose of church, and they’ll say it’s for praise, worship and the teaching of God’s word. But what if the Scriptures say no such thing? What if our ideas for why the church even exists has been completely and hopelessly wrong? In this episode, Kevin reveals the true, biblical purpose of “church”—what the Bible depicts for our believer’s gatherings, for our believing communities, and for all of us collectively as Yeshua’s united Body.