The “church” of God—Yeshua’s “Called-Forth”—was never meant to be based on form or structure, but on us: the people. In the Scriptures, we’ve been given a biblical pattern that reveals how we are supposed to work and function together as the Body of Messiah, and it looks nothing like “church” (or “Messianic synagogue”) as usual. In this episode, Kevin wraps up his 7-part series about biblical “church” with a candid word of exhortation, and a vivid sketch of what our gatherings and communities could look like… if we actually followed the Scriptures.


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One comment on “Ep. 57 | How to Do Biblical “Church”… WITHOUT a Church! (Called-Forth, Pt. 7)

  1. Barbara Jan 4, 2024

    Thank you for bringing it all together in this episode and giving a concrete example of how to function Messiah’s Called-Forth. I have been longing for a community of believers in which to be a part. I continue to pray and seek. Please pray that my husband and I will allow the Lord to do what he wishes in our life in order to connect us with others who has this same vision.