The Messiah Yeshua is God in the flesh. But why would God need to enter humanity in this way? Can Yeshua truly be just a man if He is also truly God? Does Yeshua’s equal humanness also hold equal significance for our faith? This episode explores why Yeshua’s humanity is not only crucial for our salvation, but for our daily life as His disciples. This episode is Part 2 of a two part exploration of what the Scriptures say concerning the deity and humanity of Yeshua.


(00:00) Intro | (02:09) Son of Man, descended from Adam | (05:24) Human lineage and birth records | (09:32) Not just “like” a human | (13:03) Yeshua in the pattern of Adam | (15:47) True representative of humanity | (18:24) Our sin offering, tempted like us | (23:04) Necessity of both humanity and deity | (26:46) Conclusion


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