Sometimes we don’t particularly like what the Scriptures say, or, for some reason, we think there must be more to it—that it can’t be that simple and straightforward. And instead of just asking the question “What do the Scriptures say,” we start asking ourselves, “Is that really what that Scripture says?” or, “Is that ALL that that Scripture says?” And our search for the truth becomes an exercise in misinformation. In this episode, Kevin teaches the importance of accepting the plain sense of Scripture.


(00:00) Intro | (01:42) Plain sense vs Literal sense | (04:43) When the Plain Sense Makes Sense | (08:04) Seeking a deeper sense: symbolism | (11:15) Seeking a deeper sense: letterology | (15:13) Rejecting the plain sense: “Day” | (18:40) Rejecting the plain sense: “Eternal” | (21:35) Conclusion


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