Ep. 40 | Should Messianics Keep Jewish Tradition?

As Messianic Jews, what should our attitude be toward Jewish tradition? According to some, Paul tells us that we should keep the traditions of Judaism, just as long as they don't contradict or violate Scripture. But is such an assertion really true? In this episode, Kevin closely examines the teachings of Paul and Yeshua for a Scriptural view of tradition.Read more

Ep. 39 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 3 of 3: Why You Must Stand Up for the Word of God

Each one of us believes that we know what’s true—what’s right and good. But without a sole, objective standard to guide and enlighten us, then what’s really true will be nearly impossible to find—namely, the absolute truth of the word of God. In this final part of a 3-part series, Kevin exhorts all true followers of Yeshua to admit the Bible's sufficiency and supremacy, and to dedicate every breath of your being to bearing the standard of Scripture. Are you willing to join the cause?Read more

Ep. 38 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 2 of 3: The Hostile Influences That Keep You From Following God

When we seek out and listen to other voices of influence to provide us guidance about how to live our lives as believers in Yeshua, were saying that God’s own words aren’t enough—that every Scripture that was breathed onto the page by God Himself is insufficient. In this second part of a 3-part series, Kevin reveals the hostile influences which you may be allowing to work in your life that are keeping you from effectively bearing the standard of Scripture. Read more

Ep. 37 | Bearing the Standard, Pt. 1 of 3: Why You Need the Scriptures

What happens when we fail to fix our eyes on the standard of God's word? What makes the Bible such a supreme and perfect standard? What does it mean to bear the standard of Scripture? In this first part of a 3-part series based on Kevin's must-read book, Kevin explains what Yeshua taught us about bearing the standard of Scripture, and how it affects our ability to believe in and walk out the reality of our salvation.Read more

Ep. 35 | Messianics Are Missing the Point of Chanukah

Many Jewish and Gentile Messianics are drawn to Chanukah in large part because of how they see Chanukah fulfilled in Yeshua. But what if injecting Jesus into a Jewish holiday isn’t the point? What if the real point of Chanukah isn’t about miracles, latkes and lights, but something far more powerful and fundamental to our faith? In this episode, Kevin explains how knowing the real story of Chanukah will effect not just how you celebrate it, but how you walk with Yeshua in your everyday life.Read more
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    Kevin Geoffrey

    Father, husband, and Jewish disciple of the Messiah Yeshua

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